Refund Policy

Change Of Mind

In general, we don’t allow returns or refunds if you change your mind. Please understand that we are not a chain store selling low cost everyday items. Some products may have been ordered into stock for you. We know you would not like to receive second hand looking items so we have a strict policy in this regard.

Incorrect Selection

Please contact us before you purchase if you are unsure about any aspect of the item, or if it suits your needs. We are happy to discuss your application and offer you advice on a suitable solution. Sorting these issues out sure is easier before the purchase. Our motto is simple: If in doubt – ask!


Some of the products we sell are blister packed and can’t be re-sealed for resale if you return it. We may in some circumstances allow returns if the item is still in perfect condition and the return freight is prepaid. A re-stocking charge may apply (done on a case by case basis) and we may issue a credit note that can be used to purchase another item instead of giving an outright refund.

Warranty Issues

In the rare event of you needing to return an item for warranty repair or replacement, you must contact us first. This is so we can talk to you about the problem and offer advice in case you have misunderstood the operating or installation instructions.

If we agree that the item needs attention under warranty, you may be referred to the original manufacturer who will handle your warranty claim directly. Most items are however usually handled by AVD on your behalf. AVD may issue a return number at this time. Please quote it along with a copy of the sales invoice with the returned item to ensure prompt processing once it arrives here.

All warranty returns are required to have the freight to us pre- paid. We will pay the return freight back to you in most cases. Items arriving at AVD not pre-paid may be rejected upon arrival unless earlier agreed to by AVD.